Pearl Mica Ivory Yellow
Our non-toxic mica powders have a pearlescent effect for a stunning glitter finish in your products making the list of possibilities are endless. They have a good disperse performance and high temperature resistance.
Best used in handmade cosmetics, bath products including bath bombs, soaps and sugar scrubs in small percentages.

Please note: You must use Polysorbate 20 or 80 to avoid a colour ring on your bath.

All of NZ Soap and Candle’s colour pigments are non-toxic and have been approved by FDA, EU, SGS and comply to the EU, US and Japanese regulations for cosmetics. Our colours are NOT tested on animals and are vegan and cruelty free.
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Mica CAS No: 12001-26-2 

Titanium dioxide CAS No: 13463-67-7

Tin Dioxide CAS No: 18282-10-5

All approved for cosemtics uses.

External applications only.

First AID Measures 

Inhalation: in case of accident by inhalation                  remove causality to fresh air and keep at rest
Skin contact wash affected skin with plenty of water
Eye contact if contact with eyes directly, flush with gently flowing fresh water thoroughly; If eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention
Ingestion if ingested, wash out mouth with water, drink milk or egg white
Notes to physician no special measures are required
Long term (repeated) may cause irritation to the respiratory system. Cough. Increased difficulty in breathing


Suitable extinguishing media                        extinguish with waterspray, foam or dry chemical
Unsuitable extinguishing media carbon dioxide
Thermal hazards noncombustible. None anticipated
Advice for firefighters fire fighters should wear complete protective clothing including selfcontained breathing apparatus


Personal precautions                    do not breathe dust
Personal protection equipment wear appropriate personal protective equipment, avoid direct contact
In case of emergency a self contained breathing apparatus and suitable protective clothing should be worn in fire conditions
Environmental precautions do not allow to enter drains, sewers or watercourses
Methods and material for Containment and cleaning up           Use vacuum equipment for collecting spilt materials, where practicable


Precautions for safe handling  avoid breathing dust
Conditions for safe storage including any incompatibilities                       keep container in a wellventilated place
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