Foaming Bath Whip Base
Foaming Bath whip (Sugar Whip) is a unique and innovative product base, designed for whipping is an incredibly flexible product. Users can create simple wash off product including whipped foaming bath butters, a sugar scrub, a body soufflè, or a salt scrub, all from one product base. Just like a Melt and Pour soap base but it’s a solid bubble bath butter! Just colour and fragrance just as you would M&P glycerin soap base. Just break up a small amount under running water and watch the bubbles form.
Product Characteristics
Paraben and MPG Free
It can be used for shower, bath or facial wash applications
It produces a creamy lather with fantastic levels of foam
Mild Formulation
Non skin irritant
Moisturising formulation that is rich in glycerine
To process, simply use a mixer- beater etc to whip the base, follow by adding sugar, fragrance, essential oils or any other additives and continue whipping until the desired volume is achieved. The product is used to create a wide range of different whipped foaming body scrubs.
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Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI)

Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAB30)

Propylene GlycolSteric Acid


Citric Acid 

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