Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel Extract
Witch Hazel BPC/USP, Distillate 14% is a popular antiseptic and best applied to the skin to treat anything from blemishes to acne. It is considered a 'toning' oil so you an either use it in your lotion formulation or directly onto the skin. The material is a clear, colorless distillate so its very easy to apply to your formulation without it having an impact on the aroma or colour of your formulation. It's an organic antiseptic, so it can also prevent infection. Use witch hazel to add moisture to your bath bombs as a wetting agent in place of water.

▪ A popular antiseptic ingredient.
▪ Great for blemishes & acne treatment.
▪ A clear, colourless ingredient so it is easy to formulate with.

Native to North America, the twigs and bark of the Witch Hazel tree are distilled to produce an astringent liquid which is commonly referred to as Witch Hazel. Ancient Native Americans first discovered the medicinal properties of Witch Hazel and it is still a very popular ingredient in may body care products.

Storage: Keep in a cool place away from direct light exposure.
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