Beginner Solid Shampoo Bar Pack


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Beginner Solid Shampoo Bar Pack
These are not your typical cold process or glycerin shampoo bars, they are the real deal! This kit is perfect for entry level real solid shampoo bar manufacturing, they are PH balanced so no apple cider rinse required after you've washed your hair with them. All the ingredients you need to make your bars is included in this kit, you'll just require mixing/measuring containers and a blender.

This pack will make over 4kgs of solid shampoo or approx 50x 80g bars.

• 1Kg Sodium Cocoyl Isenthionate (SCI)
• 500g Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol
• 500g Steric Acid
• 1Kg Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS)
• 500g BTMS-25
• 500g Polawax (Emulsifying Wax)
• 2 x 100ml Fragrance Oils (of your choice)
• 1x Pearl Mica Sample Pack (6x 10ml Colours)
• 50ml Golden Jojoba Oil
• 10ml Natural Wheatgerm Oil
• 100g Refined Cocoa Butter
• 100ml Argan Oil
• 1x Silicone 6 Cavity Mould
• Step by step instructions

CAUTION: You will need to make this in a well ventilated area and wear a face mask and gloves at all times. We recommend that this kit is for ages 16+ due to lung irritants.
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