Sodium Coco Sulfate (powder)

Sodium Coco Sulfate (powder)
Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS) is a solid anionic surfactant of coconut origin. SCS has excellent cleaning and foaming characteristics.
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CAS No: 68955-19-1

Name: Sodium Coco-sulfate

Other Names: Sulfuric acid, monococo alkyl esters, sodium salts

Usage: shampoos, body washes, liquid hand soaps, facial cleansers, shaving foams, bar soaps, and other personal care applications to provide a more rapid viscosity response than other anionic surfactants (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, and Alpha Olefin Sulfonate) and cost savings while maintaining product performance.

Hazards identification

Hazardous according to the criteria of the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

Hazard Statements

  • May be harmful if swallowed.
  • Causes skin irritation.
  • Causes serious eye damage.
  • Toxic to aquatic life.
  • Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

In emergency dial 111, and then ask for Fire, Ambulance or Police as necessary.

In case of poisoning phone National Poisons Centre – 0800 764 766


Swallowed                                                       Immediately rinse mouth with water. DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek immediate medical assistance or contact the Poisons Information Centre immediately.
Eye Immediately flush eyes with running water, keeping the eyelids open forcibly. Remove contact lenses if present after the first 5 minutes, then continue flushing eyes for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention.
Skin Immediately wash contaminated skin with plenty of water. For gross contamination immediately drench with water and remove clothes. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before re-use. If skin appears damaged, seek medical advice.
Inhaled Remove victim from further exposure. Remove contaminated clothing and loosen remaining clothing. Allow patient to assume most comfortable position. Seek medical attention if effects persist.
Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure Repeated or prolonged skin contact may lead to irritant contact dermatitis, drying with cracking of the skin and irritation.
Advice to Doctor Treat symptomatically based on judgement of doctor and individual reactions of patient.


Flammability Conditions                                   This material is not combustible under normal conditions. However, it will breakdown under fire conditions and the organic component may burn. Not considered to be a significant fire risk.
Extinguishing Media Use dry chemical powder, water, carbon dioxide, foam.
Hazardous Products of Combustion  Development of hazardous combustion products like oxides of carbon, sulfur and various hydrocarbons possible in the event of fire.
Personal Protective Equipment Wear personal protective equipment and self-contained breathing apparatus.
Flash Point 160 °C
Auto Ignition Temperature >200 °C
Lower Explosion Limit, Upper Explosion Limit, Hazchem Code No Data Available


General Response Procedure                         Slippery when spilled.Avoid accidents, clean up immediately. Wear protective equipment to prevent skin and/or eye contamination and the inhalation of mists or aerosols.
Clean Up Procedures In case of spillage, collect all the material in suitable and properly labelled container. Flush the area with water. Avoid dust formation. dispose off collected material in accordance with regulations.
Environmental Precautionary Measures Do not discharge into drains.
Personal Precautionary Measures  Use personal protective equipment. Wash hands after exposure with the substance. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Take off contaminated clothing and wash before reuse



Follow general occupational hygiene such as, wash hands after use. Do not use hooks for handling bags. Multiple handling may lead to formation of fine powder which may cause dusting during usage. Use personal protective equipment while charging the material. To avoid dusting, keep minimum distance between bag and the hopper. Use proper dust collection system to avoid particle contamination in the production area. Follow safe procedures while loading and un-loading of product.
Storage Store the material in a clean, dry place at below 35'C away from direct heat, sunlight and moisture. slight pH drop is possible over prolonged storage. In case of slight drop in pH, it is fairly safe to use the material as long as the pH is equal to or above 7.0. In the original sealed condition when stored as suggested the shelf life of the product is at least 2 years. Soft easily breakable agglomerates may be formed on storage. Since the material is hydroscopic in nature, use the product within a week after opening the bag. Stacking of paper bags : Non palletized - maximum 12 bags while transporting and 7 bags during storage. Palletized- 1+1 while transporting and during storage single pallet on ground or in pigeon hole. Stacking of jumbo bags (with crate) 1+1 while transporting and single pallet during storage.
Container Suitable bags : Paper bag with HDPE liner / Jumbo bag


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  • Sodium Coco Sulfate in Essential Oil Bath Bombs
    Great addition to my bath bombs, easy to use and blend with ingredients. Results are good too, thanks!
    Posted: 2020-11-25 by Ursula Hampson
  • Excellent
    Posted: 2020-11-19 by Anahera Tamepo
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