Pine Rosin

Pine Rosin
Pine rosin is a solid form of resin obtained from pine trees. It is semi-transparent and varies in colour from yellow to black. At room temperature it is brittle, but it melts at stove-top temperature.

Pine rosin has a host of different uses, including hobbies/crafts (soap-making, candle-making), sealant, glue, varnish, incense, on stringed instruments, soldering fluxes, health and beauty supplies and home remedies.

Pine rosin is a key ingredient in food wraps it makes the wraps behave more closely to plastic cling wrap, which is what most people are trying to find a replacement for.
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Pine resin has a host of different uses, including hobbies/crafts (soap-making, candle-making), sealant, glue, varnish, incense, on stringed instruments, soldering fluxes, health and beauty supplies, home remedies etc Pine resin is a key ingredient in food wraps it makes the wraps behave more closely to plastic cling wrap, which is what most people are trying to find a replacement for.

CAS No: 8050-09-7

Name: Pine Rosin

Other name(s): Colophony, Kolophonium, Gum Rosin, Wood Rosin

Hazards Identification

May cause an allergic skin reaction

In emergency dial 111, and then ask for Fire, Ambulance or Police as necessary.

In case of poisoning phone National Poisons Centre – 0800 764 766.

First Aid Measures

Product in eyes                      Immediately flood eyes with plenty of low pressure water for at least 10 minutes, holding eye open. Remove contact lenses. Obtain medical assistance if redness develops or persists.
Product on skin Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. Obtain medical help if redness develops.
Hot product on skin Small splashes should be cooled with cold water. When cold, the burn area should then be treated and when this process is complete the solid resin can be removed. Where larger splashes are encountered, cool the skin with water and seek medical help.
Product ingested Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Obtain medical attention if a large amount has been swallowed.
Product inhaled Remove from exposure, keep warm and at rest. Obtain medical attention if breathing difficulty occurs.

Fire Fighting

Suitable extinguishing media Carbon dioxide, dry chemical or water fog
Unsuitable extinguishing media Water
Protective equipment Self-contained breathing apparatus needed for fires in enclosed areas
Other information Rosin dust is a severe explosion hazard in air; avoid dispersing dust in air. Minimum exposable concentration: 15g/m3 . Risk of spark ignition prevented by reducing oxygen Concentration below 17% by dilution with carbon dioxide.

Accidental Release Measures

Personal Precautions                      Avoid breathing dust. Wear a dust respirator, gloves, chemical goggles and overalls.
Environmental Precautions Avoid dispersion of the product
Clean-up Methods Sweep up or otherwise recover the product and remove to a safe environment. Avoid propagating more dust than is absolutely avoidable.

Handling & Storage

Suitable storage container  Galvanised iron drums or paper stacks internally coated with silicone or with a polypropylene liner
Handling/storage precautions Explosion proof ventilation adequate to meet any dust conditions at room temperature. Store in cool, well ventilated conditions.
Personal protection Wear protective clothing and dust mask
Dust Avoid processes that generate excessive dust

Physical & Chemical Properties

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    Really pleased with this product - have had issues with impurities in some from different suppliers. The price is great too!!
    Posted: 2020-12-06 by Elley Mullany
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    Very efficient and hassle free way of purchasing pine rosin. Thank you
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  • Pine rosin for beeswax wraps
    The powdered rosin added the desired stickiness to the wraps.
    Posted: 2020-08-13 by Kat Graham
  • Pine Rosin
    Much needed product for Beeswax wraps, appreciated the fair price & great service with prompt postage, excellent communication. Will buy again, thank you.
    Posted: 2020-07-14 by Jane Evans-walsh
  • Fast delivery - great product
    The product matched what was online, no nasty surprises :)
    Posted: 2020-05-27 by Teena Saboori
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    Very good easy to use.
    Posted: 2020-03-17 by Lynn Dawbin
  • Where is my rosin?
    It's a problem, since I have not received it yet.
    Posted: 2020-02-11 by Philippa Bowers
  • Great product
    First time buying from NZ Soap and Candle. I found this excellent quality - crushed down really easily and dissolved better than previous rosin I've had. Will be back when I need more.
    Posted: 2020-01-11 by Elley Mullany
  • First experience with Pine Resin
    I made beeswax wraps for my first time and so had to get some pine resin to make them properly. This product was great for the job. The delivery was quick and I have no reservation about ordering again or recommending to others.
    Posted: 2019-12-09 by Chiana Sherwood
  • Ok
    This was the second time I had to phone to see what happened with my order - wasn’t that happy
    Posted: 2019-12-09 by Deb Preston
  • Pine resin
    great - just what we needed
    Posted: 2019-12-09 by sarah king
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    Good as. Don't buy from anywhere else. Thanks you.
    Posted: 2019-12-09 by Dianne Clarke
  • Pine Rosin
    Awsome stuff came in perfect little easy to crush sizes and in a convinient resealable bag. Was perfect for my beeswax wraps thank you ��
    Posted: 2019-08-06 by Tegan S.
  • Fast efficient
    Fast delivery, thanks
    Posted: 2019-07-11 by Jacinda H.
  • Excellent
    NZ Soap & Candies are awesome to deal with. When ever I place an order it’s delivered the next. I will continue to use their products.
    Posted: 2019-07-10 by Shelly S.
  • I was looking for pine rosin
    I was pleased to be able to find it, it was good value and was delivered quickly. Thanks
    Posted: 2020-04-20 by Rebecca Quinn

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