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Coconut Oil - RBD
RBD Coconut oil has been refined, bleached, deodorised and winterised. It is extremely stable and well-suited to making products that do not require a strong coconut smell. The extraction of RBD coconut oil involves use of heavy pressure, heat and solvents to make the oil tasteless and odourless.

The smoking point of RBD coconut oil is above 220 degrees celsius which is very suitable for frying purposes.

Coconut oil has a multitude of uses in skin care and cosmetics. Rich in short and medium-chain fatty acids, Coconut oil is popular in beauty products due to its excellent healing properties. It's one of the most commonly-used oils in soap-making, and can be applied directly to the skin. Great as a massage oil, hair treatment, moisturiser, make-up remover and more.

Common name: Coconut Oil - RBD
Botanical name: Cocos nucifera
NZ$ 15.00 - 180.00
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  • Amaze
    I literally use this coconut oil in all my products it easy melting and clear so it doesn’t change colour of the product
    Posted: 2021-01-20 by Rhythm
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