Cotton CDN Wick 20 (300mm)
The CDN wick by Heinz Verhaegh are one of the best in the industry and feature a paper braid style designed to ‘self trim’ by bending at the tip while burning. The CDN series of candle wicks are made from pure cotton with a paper core and a paper braid running through the wick which helps to deliver a more complete combustion and a cleaner burn. The paper braid is is what gives the wick its light brown colour. Perfect for use in natural waxes including soy, beeswax and palm wax. CDN wicks are all natural and are Zinc and Lead free.

Note: The diameter guide is recommended as a starting point only and can vary depending on the type and amount of fragrance and wax you use. Your own testing is required to determine the best wick for your candle. Please refer to our tutorial, and the glossary below, for more detailed information.
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Specifications Material: Pure cotton with paper braid Diameter Guide: 80-85mm Height: 300mm Pre-tabbed: Yes Pre-Coated: Yes Made in: USA
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