Natural Wheat Germ Oil
Wheatgerm oil is widely used as a dietary supplement, as well as an ingredient in a variety of cosmetic, skincare, and healthcare products. The oil contains many properties which make it an extremely effective treatment for skin conditions. Wheatgerm's antioxidant qualities work to improve dry skin, promote the formation of new cells, and improve blood circulation. The combination of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and lecithin, contained within the structure of the oil, revitalises ageing skin through moisturising, nourishing, and regenerating. Wheatgerm oil can also reduce the effects of stretch marks and scars, burns, and sun damage.

Wheatgerm oil is an extremely rich source of vitamin E, as well as vitamins A and D, and B-complex vitamins. Wheatgerm contains a solid structure of essential fatty acids, oleic and linoleic acids in particular, as well as palmitic and stearic acids.  As well as containing protein and lecithin, wheatgerm also contains octacosanol, a form of waxy alcohol which is regarded as being the most significant ingredient of wheatgerm oil.
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Common name: Wheat germ oil Botanical name  : Triticum vulgare Colour Description: Orange to yellow brown
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