Essential Oil 100% Pure Eucalyptus

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Essential Oil 100% Pure Eucalyptus
NZ Soap and Candle essential oils are sourced from ethical and responsible sources. We only offer pure, quality essential oils.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a purifying, cleansing, clarifying, and immune-boosting oil that is ideal for use on skin, in aromatherapy, and as a surface cleaning agent and a fabric freshener.

Botanical name: Eucalyptus Globulus
Description: Almost colourless
Odour: Strong, fresh characteristic
Plant parts used: leaves
Region of origin: Australia

CAUTION: As with all essential oils, dilute into carrier oils before applying them directly onto the skin. Keep oils away from eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Stop using if there is any irritation. Research each oil well before using.
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The essential oil is steam distilled from the dried leaves and young twigs of the eucalyptus tree. 

Essential Oil Information 

The eucalyptus essential oil is extracted from Myrtaceae, a genus of flowering trees in myrtle family. As a source of wood, the oil finds usage for cleaning functions as a natural insecticide. 

Oil Properties 

Being soluble in alcohol and oils as well as insoluble in water, it is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with CAS of 8000-48-4, specific gravity of 0.858 – 0.877 @ 20°C, optical rotation of (-2.0) – ( 4.0) @ 20°C and refractive index of 1.450 – 1.459 @ 20°C.


The oil provides usefulness in treating cases of bronchitis, bruises, burns, asthma, blisters, catarrh, colds, cystitis, headache, insect bites, measles, mental exhaustion, neuralgia, respiratory infections, skin infections, sore throats, viral infections, wounds. 

Therapeutic Properties 

The essential oil has therapeutic properties including antispasmodic, expectorant, decongestant and antiviral. 

Blends Well With 

The extracted essential oil blends well with cypress, geranium, ginger, cedarwood, chamomile, grapefruit, lemon, marjoram, juniper, lavender, peppermint, pine, rosemary, thyme. 


Eucalyptus essential oil is often added to products used as inhalants as well as in ointments that are used for respiratory infections as well as treating cases of congestion. Further, the oil also has in it antiviral and antibacterial action that makes it suited to be used as a disinfectant as well as a diffuser to cleanse surrounding air in form of room freshener. 


Avoid while pregnant, Avoid with homeopathic medicine , May cause skin irritation

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