Looking for some inspiration for your melted wax or a recipe for a soap base? We’re here to help

Part of the fun of working with melted wax or soap bases is making your own creations, but sometimes it’s nice to have a helping hand. We collected a series of recipes and how-to guides for popular things like lavender soap and beeswax wraps to get you started.

You can buy all the supplies you need from natural soap bases to candle wax to candle and soap moulds from our store.

  • Makes: 5-6 80mm Bathbombs Dried rose petals are tucked away into this scented organic bath bomb. as the all-natural bomb dissolves into the hot water, gorgeous rose petals dot the water to create a spa bath fit for a queen. Make yourself these bath bombs, drop into a hot bath. Enjoy the fizz and petals!
    Posted: 11/1/2022
  • Summer is coming!! get ready and try making your own sunscreen!
    Posted: 24/11/2021
  • This fine glittery material dyes or colours nearly any surface it comes into contact with! Here are a few creative ways that you can use them in your next project.
    Posted: 20/5/2021
  • Our NZ Made Foaming Bath Whip Base is a unique and innovative product, follow this instructions below, simply add your desired colour and fragrance just as you would a M&P glycerin soap base!
    Posted: 14/4/2021
  • This easy recipe can be done in just a few steps! Simply melt and get creative with flavours, colours and glitters using our nourishing premade lip balm base!
    Posted: 31/3/2021
  • Create this delicious smelling banana and coconut candle for an instant dreamy ambiance in your home! This sweet scented, natural candle would make for the perfect gift.
    Posted: 25/3/2021
  • Our Beginners Melt & Pour Soap Making Kits giveaway conditions.
    Posted: 23/2/2021
  • Lavender is a popular choice for its relaxing scent that promotes calm and tranquility. Mixed with epsom salts that help to reduce anxiety and stress, these bath salts will help you soak your worries away!
    Posted: 23/2/2021
  • Learning how to make your own soap bars from scratch can be a lot of fun and so satisfying! Try your hand at this easy natural soap recipe and add your choice of fragrance, essential oil and colorants that you prefer. 
    Posted: 3/12/2019
  • These step-by-step instructions on how to make reusable beeswax wraps will have you ditching the plastic cling wrap in no time.
    Posted: 3/12/2019
  • Here is our DIY charcoal and kaolin face mask recipe that you can whip up and try out at home.
    Posted: 26/11/2019
  • Here is a great easy to make professional Solid Conditioner Bar recipe!! We have made an effective and as natural as possible solid conditioner bar that will suit most Hair types:) All the oils used in this recipe can be substituted out for any oils of your choosing as long as the all add up to roughly around our measurements.
    Posted: 23/7/2019
  • Try your hand at making a real Syndet Shampoo bar that's PH balanced with no nasty vinegar rinse required. Syndet Shampoo bars help reduce plastic waste (one 100g bar = three regular plastic bottles of shampoo).
    Posted: 15/7/2019
  • Here is one one of our great pet soap recipes! Easy to follow instructions and everything you need to make them can be found right here.
    Posted: 12/7/2019
  • If you're looking to make your own natural laundry powder that will save you money and help avoid nasty chemicals, why not give this easy recipe a try?
    Posted: 8/3/2018