Soy Wax Melts

Soy Melts are one of the easiest home fragrance products you can make and make instant gifts that are always appreciated. They are so easy, just melt, colour, fragrance and pour! No wicks or glassware to worry about, simply make us some melts and use them in your favourite melt burner. Ingredients:

Method: Cover your work surface in case you spill your soy wax or colour. Melt the wax as per manufactures instructions. We recommend a double boiler on your stove top at a temperature of 60-70 °C. You can use a pot and a Pyrex jug but make sure the Pyrex jug doesn’t touch the bottom of the pot. It is ideal if the handle will fit over the pot edge. Note, if you leave the wax on too high or over heat it will begin to discolour and may evaporate out. Once the wax has completely melted, add your fragrance and colour,  stir well for two minutes until the fragrance and colour are completely mixed to ensure a clean and even burn. Allow the wax temperature to drop to around 60°C before pouring the wax into the soy melt clamshell mould. Carefully pour the wax mixture into your moulds. Ideally you should not fill your mould all the way to the top, but rather 5mm below the top so that you can easily close the lid of the mould when set. When set, snap the lid closed and you have a pre-packaged 6-pack of scented soy melts ready for use. When you wish to use one, simply push on an individual block and place it in the top of your oil burner. 

Hot Tip: You may either leave the melts in the mould and use, or sell them using the packaging as a container. Alternatively, you can carefully remove them from the mould and house them in new packaging. Then you can gently wash your mould with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol and use it again in the future! Note: Allow your melts/tarts to cure for 48 hours before burning. The longer you wait for a cure time, the better the scent throw will be.  NEVER leave your heating wax unattended. Occasionally stir the wax whilst melting to ensure that it melts evenly and doesn’t burn.

Posted: Thursday 21 September 2017