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Citrus Bath Bombs

CITRUS BATH BOMBS: With summer (hopefully) approaching us soon, but the with the weather being still pretty cold and miserable we thought a citrus bath bomb would be a great way to make the most of both seasons! Simply use any of our essential oils and invigorate your scenes to get you into the summer spirit! Not only do they smell great but citrus essentials oils are also so good for you! Rich in vitamin C making it an ideal immune system booster, helping protect you from colds and flu.


Mix all your dry ingredients well, including your colourant, add small amounts of the colour until you get your desired colour. Add the 10ml essential oil. Mix again. Add 15ml-30ml water depending on day temp and humidity. We recommend looking for a “wet sand” consistency but not too wet as it will make them swell. They can be very temperamental, especially in New Zealand’s shifting humidity. Work very fast with your mix as you only get one shot before it dryes out. Overfill both moulds so that when you squeeze the 2 halves together it compacts them. Pull moulds in half and tip bomb out into your palm then place on table to dry. If you aren’t planning on using them right away, once dried wrap them after a couple of hours to keep air moisture from getting in. Hint: For an added indulgent experience, you can add other butters such as cocoa or shea butter. To do this you will need to add an emulsifire to let the oils disperse in the water as oil floats. This will leave your skin feeling moisturised and silky when you get out of the tub. SHOP for all your bath bomb ingredients here

Posted: Tuesday 26 January 2016