Foaming Honey, Oat and Sugar Scrub Recipe

Foaming Honey, Oat and Sugar Scrub Recipe

This lovely scrub contains oat extract, and sugar to help moisturize and exfoliate your skin. The honey scent is simply divine, and the oat extract provides important nutrients that keep your skin healthy. We know you'll adore this delightful scrub!

Recipie creates a 500g batch.


Foaming Bath Whip Base - 500g
Jojoba Beads 60/100 -  40g
Jojoba Oil -  20g
Shea Butter -   50g
Liquid Dye - 15 drops
Fragrance Honey Oil - 7 - 15g/ml
Hydrolysed Oat Extract -  20g

Liquid Germal Plus Preservative - 10g/ml (Recommended but optional).

Purple Plastic Tub - 500ml

White Sugar - 400 - 450g (can be increased or decreased to suit your preference)


Stand mixer or hand held beater
Large mixing bowl or jug


Place the Foaming Bath Whip Base and Shea Butter into a glass bowl beat together using an electric mixer until you have a light and smooth consistency. Note: If your ingredients are too stiff to beat microwave for 1 minute or so to slightly soften but do not melt.

Once whipped, add the Jojoba Oil, Fragrance Oil and Oat Extract and then beat again to combine well, your mixture should now be much lighter and softer.

Add the Fragrance and stir well to combine. The add your liquid colour until you have desired outcome.

Now add the sugar – start with half and then add more sugar until you are happy with the texture and feel of the mixture.

If the mixture is too stiff to beat, switch to a spatula or spoon to mix the sugar in evenly. Remember to scrape down the sides of the bowl, as you would with a cake mix.

Spoon into jars and place in a safe, dry place overnight and lid them the next day.

To use: Apply to wet skin and massage using circular movements and rinse away. This scrub is not suitable for the face

Posted: Wednesday 20 July 2022