Bubble Bath Recipe

This delightful glittery fairy godmother scented Bubble Bath Recipe will make your bubble bath time just magical. This recipe is perfect for beginners who are wanting to treat themselves to a luxurious soak or just wanting to add some extra fun and whimsy to your life, this enchanting scent is sure to please.


1L Bubble Bath Base

20-30ml Fairy God Mother Fragrance Oil

1 Tsp White Pearl Mica ( Optional )

100ml Plastic Beaker Measuring Cup


1. Add Your Liquid Bubble Bath Base Into A Large Container Or Jug

2. Add In Your Fragrance Using The Beaker! ( Start With 20mls And If You Want It Stronger Add Another 10mls! )

3. Slowly start Mixing It Together! 

4. Once It Is All Mixed in Add Your Pearl Mica! ( Mix Well Again )

5. Now That is All Mixed Together You Can Either Put Your Bubble Bath In A Pump Bottle Or The Bubble Bath Bottle That It Came With!

6. Now You Have Yourself Some Yummy New Bubble Bath For You And Your Kids!

7. Have Fun Making!


Some Mica Can Cause Stains To Prevent This We Have Picked White Pearl Mica Or You Can Add None!

Posted: Wednesday 20 July 2022