Rose Petal Bath Bomb Recpie

Rose Petal Bath Bomb Recpie


30ml Witch Hazel extract

30ml Fragrance of choice

80mm Aluminium Bath Bomb Mould


1. Add your citric acid and baking soda into a large mixing container and mix well! .

2. Add in your white Mica ( if working with bright colours, we recommend adding polysorbate 20 or 80 to prevent stains in baths.)

3. Slowly start adding in your witch hazel ( around 10mls at a time! ) as soon as you have added it in be quick to start mixing it together.

4. keep mixing and adding more witch hazel until it has the consistency of wet sand and can stick in a ball shape.

5. Grab your moulds and make sure the are clean ( best to wipe out ever time you make one bath bomb ) , then add a little of the dried rose petals to the inside of the mould.

6. Put a hand full of the bath bomb mixture into the mould with the rose petals and squish it down and with the other half scoop up heaps of the bath bomb mixture like it has a mountain on top and squeeze both halves together super hard and release pressure once together.

7. Once they have dried a little pour your fragrance on top ( this helps prevent blistering. )


If it falls apart this may be because its to dry or you havent wipped out the bath bomb mould properly

if it blisters this may be because you added to much witch hazel or damp invroment

Posted: Tuesday 11 January 2022