Raspberry Lemonade Foaming Bath Whip Recipe

Raspberry Lemonade Foaming Bath Whip Recipe

Our NZ Made Foaming Bath Whip Base is a unique and innovative product, follow this instructions below, simply add your desired colour and fragrance just as you would a M&P glycerin soap base!


20-30ml of Raspberry Lemonade Fragrance Oil
Pink Pearl Mica
120g of Foaming Bath Whip Base
Clear Cosmetic Pot 120g


Start by ensuring your hands and work area properly are sanitised.
Measure out 120g of your foaming bath whip base into a clean bucket or bowl.
Using an electric hand mixer, whip your base to get it into a creamy whipped texture.
Next add your pink mica powder until you have your desired colour, and continue to whip it through.
Next pour in your fragrance oil, we used around 20-30ml.
Throughly mix that through, and once combined spoon or pipe your whip into jars.

Follow our easy video tutorial below!

Posted: Wednesday 14 April 2021