DIY Banana Coconut Candles
Here's a quick and easy school holiday DIY that the kids will go bananas for!
Our coconut candle wax is organic, renewable, no contains no pesticides. Coconut wax can be melted in the microwave and don't require a cool off period before pouring so candles can be made very quickly and easily!
Create this delicious smelling banana and coconut candle for an instant dreamy ambiance in your home or office! This sweet scented, natural candle would also make for the perfect gift!

You will need:

100g Coconut Wax

120g Glass Jar

10ml Banana Fragrance 

Pinch of grated Canary Dye Block

CDN 12 Cotton Wick

Wooden Stirring Sticks 

Sticky Tab


Before you start, prep your wick using a sticky tab.

Place the sticky tab onto your wick, and place centred in your jar.

To secure your wick in place, we used to stirring sticks either side.

Heat your coconut wax and grated colour in the microwave until fully melted.

Slowly add your fragrance oil a little bit at a time until you get the strength of fragrance wanted.

Then stir your mix well until everything is evenly combined.

Pour your mix into your prepared jar and allow to completely cool.

Posted: Thursday 25 March 2021