Lavender Bath Salts Recipe

Lavender is a popular choice for its relaxing scent that promotes calm and tranquility. Mixed with epsom salts that help to reduce anxiety and stress, these bath salts will help you soak your worries away! Follow our easy instructions or see the video tutorial below!

You Will Need:

1kg Epsom Salts
Dried Lavender Buds
10ml Lavender Essential Oil
Wooden Stirring Sticks
Easy Pour Jug
3x Plastic Test Tube Containers


Step 1: Add your salt to a bowl or easy pour jug like this one.
Step 2: Add enough salt to fill your desired containers.
Step 3: Add a few drops of lavender
Step 4: Mix well.
Step 5: Add some lavender buds (optional).
Step 6: Mix well.
Step 7: Pour into your containers.

Done, you now have yourself some lavender bath salts that make great little gifts!

Posted: Tuesday 23 February 2021