Solid Conditioner Bar Recipe

This is a basic high-end solid Conditioner bar recipe.

To get started you will need the following…

A double boiler (a pot inside a pot works well) 2x5L will be ideal. Electronic scales, silicone spatula, measuring cups. Electric stove top can be used with a pot but be careful not to get ingredients to hot!  70 degrees Celsius max.

We have scaled this recipe down so it will make around 4x50g conditioner bars. To make 40 bars just times recipe by 10 and so on.

Get the double boiler up to temperature then add the following…

100g BTMS-25

10g Steric Acid

10g Cetyl Alcohol

10g Coconut Oil

2g Cocoa Butter

1g mango Butter

20g Sweet Almond Oil

2g Argan Oil

20g Castor oil or any other oil of you choosing.

Once everything is melted you can add fragrance and colour if you choose to.

For this batch size I would recommend 10ml of fragrance and for colouring just add small amounts to batch until desired colour is achieved.

Next step is to pour the mix into the mould of your choice

Once cooled (about 20mins) simply eject it out of the mould and boom!!! You just made a real solid conditioner bar!


This Recipe is designed so you can play around with adding extra additives

You can add an extra 10% oils of your choice to this recipe without effecting the hardness too much. Also the PH can be adjusted to suit using Citric acid or potassium hydroxide but the finished bar should already have a PH Balance of 5.5 -6.5  and that is perfect for hair

Posted: Tuesday 23 July 2019