Natural Pet Soap Recipe

1KG Natural Pet Soap Recipe


200g Olive oil pomace
200g Coconut oil
100g Palm oil (can be substituted with coconut oil)
100g Hemp seed oil
50g Castor oil
50g Argan oil
25g Shea butter
25g Cocoa butter
25-50ml Lemongrass essential oil
50ml Neem oil
Soap safe colourants (optional)


Stainless steel pot or heavy duty plastic pale
Stick blender
Appropriate safety gear


Add sodium hydroxide to water (caution not other way around).

Add 500g of caustic soda to 1kg water in a well-ventilated room and wear all appropriate safety gear.

Stir very slowly until dissolved, then let the solution cool to room temperature.


Add 320g of lye to 750g oils into a stainless steel pot or heavy duty plastic pail.

Using a stick blender on a medium speed, mix to a light trace then add soap safe colourants if using.

Add 25-50ml of lemongrass essential oil followed by 50ml of your neem oil.

Pour into a mould of your choice then leave covered over night.

Remove from your mould (cut if required) then let it cure for 2-6 weeks before using. Perform the zap test (see below) to make sure soap is safe to use before selling, giving away or using on your pets.


Unused lye can be stored in a seal-able plastic bottle and used at a later date just please make sure it is labelled as poison and put out of reach of children and pets. 

The ZAP Test is when you place the soap on the tip of your tongue, if it zaps you with a severe tangy sensation, your soap will need further testing with a PH tester to be between 9-10.5 PH max!

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Posted: Friday 12 July 2019